Entone readies Magi hybrid TV DVR for Cable

Michelle Clancy | 16-10-2012

Entone is announcing its Magi Hybrid CATV Media Gateway at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, targeted at cable operators looking to deliver an integrated hybrid TV service that combines live TV, DVR and over-the-top (OTT) services over analogue, digital or hybrid cable systems.

Powered by Entone's FusionTV, Magi is a full-featured hybrid DVR that can be integrated with existing cable head-ends to support a hybrid of analogue and digital video delivery systems.

"Service providers struggle with defining whether over-the-top services are a friend or a foe. To a certain extent, their own customers already are making the decision; consumers want services like Netflix, Hulu, and any number of IP-intensive applications," said Jim O'Neill, a Parks Associates research analyst. "If an operator doesn't make those services available, they risk losing customers to a provider that does. However, a hybrid service delivery platform allows operators to keep connections in subscribers' homes, capitalizing on the convergence of traditional pay-TV and advanced IP services."

Magi features multiple tuners and flexible DVR options, and provides CableCARD support to enable compatibility with legacy conditional access systems. It also has an integrated DOCSIS 3.0 modem for supporting video-over-IP streaming and interactive applications. With MoCA and Wi-Fi support, Magi can easily integrate with existing home networks and broadband services for quick installation. To minimize truck rolls and reduce support costs, Magi provides automatic configuration and remote administration via TR-069.

"Cable operators can make cloud-based services accessible to subscribers without requiring a separate device for linear TV and OTT services," said Mark Evensen, founder and CTO at Entone. "Enabled by FusionTV, Magi allows consumers to receive a richer "Input 1" TV experience, while providing operators a future-proof Hybrid CATV / OTT hardware platform to introduce emerging applications and features to grow their business. Cable operators can now seize the opportunity and exploit OTT to strengthen their relationship with their subscribers."