Eutelsat Communications today filed a request for arbitration against SES with the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. This request is grounded on a breach by SES of the Intersystem Coordination Agreement signed with Eutelsat in 1999, whose object is to coordinate Eutelsat’s and SES’s respective operations at several orbital positions, including 28.2 degrees East and 28.5 degrees East.

The purpose of the Intersystem Coordination Agreement was notably to allow for clear broadcasting skies over Europe in the best interests of tens of millions of satellite homes.

Eutelsat’s position is that the agreement between SES and Media Broadcast, signed seven years ago, and only disclosed by SES in its release of 1 October 2012, violates the terms agreed in the 1999 Intersystem Coordination Agreement, specifically SES’s commitment to respect Eutelsat’s operations at 28.5 degrees East.