Chello Multicanal takes over Differente-T Media

Iñaki Ferreras | 17-10-2012

Spain’s leading thematic channel production company Chello Multicanal has decided to increase its presence in non-conventional advertising by taken control of the company Difference-T Media.

With this move, Chello Multicanal wishes to expand its scope to product placement in drama series, entertainment and feature films, branded content production, sports sponsorship, sponsorship in different varieties and marketing in the outdoor advertising market.

"As a leader in pay television theme we want to jump right into an emerging market that offers a great opportunity. Understand that as providers of a wide range of thematic channels to give a big boost Difference T Media which already has a significant portfolio of customers and the leadership of a renowned professional as Juan Pascual, "explained Chello Multicanal CEO Eduardo Zulueta.

Chello Multicanal currently produces 22 television stations: Canal Hollywood (Spain and Portugal), XTRM, Us, MGM, Cinematk, Odyssey, Odisseia, Natura, Cooking Channel, Channel Decasa, Sun Music, Channel 18, Buzz, History, Bio, Crime & Research, Canal Panda (Spain and Portugal), Panda Biggs and Mov.

Founded by Juan Pascual, a professional with extensive experience of over 15 years in the context of non-conventional advertising, Difference-T Media brings a new strategic approach to the advertising industry. It currently has a large portfolio of clients such as: El Corte Ingles, Telefónica, Repsol, Banco Santander Central Lechera Asturiana or, among others.