Hi all,

I am new here as well as to the world of sat tv.
I tried to answer my questions by searching the forum but couldn't find something. If there are any info that I couldn't find I would appreciate a link and sorry for the repeating post.

I am trying to use the CSA Rainbow tool to see how it works before I proceed to buy a new pc that will be able to create chains faster.
So I have some basic questions.

1st: Is It important to record large TS files (many gbs) or a few seconds are enough.

2nd: My pc and especially my Cuda card is very basic and at the moment it takes to long to create chains. So before I go on and invest in new pc as I told you I would like to test the software.
So I manage to get/find from the net some 23gbs of .rbc files but that is it. After creating an .rbt file and having my TS I am trying to generate the crypt8 files but although it says that it took 0sec for crypt8 it never generates any numbers in order to proceed.
Is this because I have a small .rbt size, maybe a small TS file size, or is it that I am doing something wrong.
I don't expect to get any CW with that size but shouldn't it generate crypt8 numbers anyway (even wrong ones)?

p.s. If someone can help me with .rbc files (or a small .rbt file) it would be appreciated and at the moment I start making my own chains I will return the favor.

Thank you all