Sure start for Netgem advanced hybrid TV services in UK islands

Editor | 17-10-2012

Connected home technologies and solutions provider Netgem has inked a deal with Sure to launch a new hybrid IPTV service for its customers in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

In its partnership with Netgem, the Islands division of Cable & Wireless will make use of its broadband network to deliver over the top (OTT) live and non-linear content in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man, adding premium TV to its bouquet of services and offering customers triple and quad play packages.

These will be accessible from Netgem’s N8200 hybrid PVRSTB which also supports nCloud middleware. Sure subs will be able to receive a TV experience that supplements UK DVB-T2 free-to-air channels for non-linear entertainment content with a consistent user interface.

CommentedMike Phillips, Head of Product Development of Sure: “Our customers have been introduced to a comprehensive TV experience which integrates three key aspects: in region DTT; the power of the Internet to deliver apps and infill the missing regional DTT channels via IP; and a community element, by enabling the delivery of a wide range of digital content from news, weather, travel and local radio services coupled with a local video on demand platform containing a wide range of local and locally produced content.”