UPC Cablecom to drop basic encryption

UPC Cablecom is describing its plan to drop separate charges for basic TV and 2 Mbps internet as the most far reaching change on the Swiss cable market since the introduction of digital TV.

Cablecom is dropping encryption on the 55 most popular TV channels, including those broadcast in the HD format. It means they will be available in all households without the need for additional equipment.
It means the instant conversion to digital of some 1.8 million households, providing a saving for both and the consumer and Cablecom, which will not need to supply the CI+ Digicard or a set-top box.

The current CHF4 (€3.3) monthly fee is being waived, but in agreement with the Price Regulator, the price of the cable connection will be increased progressively over two years beginning with a rise of 90 rappen in 2013, followed by a second increase of 60 rappen in 2014.

“Digital television is the future and we are now making this experience even more accessible to all our customers. This step is a milestone in the history of Swiss telecommunications,” says Eric Tveter, the CEO of upc cablecom.
From 1 January 2013, the cable connection will cost CHF28.40, rising to CHF29.05 on January 1, 2014, while the number of digital channels (including HD) in the package will remain the same.