Disney plans 3D home entertainment push

Michelle Clancy | 18-10-2012

Disney is focusing on 3D content on the home entertainment front for the holidays, with Blu-ray Disc 3D (BD3D) releases planned for Tinker Bell and the Pixar blockbuster Brave, both 2012 titles.

The studio is also planning a BD3D release of Up (2009) and a re-issue of the classic Finding Nemo on BD3D, which recently swam its way into theatres in a new 3D print.

Meanwhile, the studio has scented the connected television opportunity, and has partnered up with consumer electronics giant LG to offer 3D movie rentals within the LG 3D World App, which comes embedded on connected LG Smart TVs.

Disney's 3D movie rentals on the LG app will only be available to U.S. consumers, at a price between $4 and $8 per movie, and films must be viewed within two days of purchase. As part of a limited offer running through the end of the year, LG is offering a $50 credit for Disney rentals with select 3D-enabled Smart TVs.

The titles on offer will be a diverse lot, including The Avengers, Brave and Toy Story, Disney's John Carter, G-Force and Tangled. And, Disney is leveraging other properties, like ESPN: consumers will also be able to view a range of free 3D content of various non-movie genres, including 3D documentaries and 3D sports.