Eutelsat 70B set for launch on 3 December

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 18-10-2012

The Eutelsat 70B satellite launch is scheduled for 3 December.The new satellite has arrived in Long Beach, California and been transported to the Sea Launch "Home Port" facility.

The satellite will be handed over to Sea Launch's prime contractor, Energia Logistics, Ltd., to be mated with the payload support structure and integrated with the Zenit-3SL launch vehicle before departure to the launch site in November. Built by Astrium using its E3000 platform, Eutelsat 70B is designed to optimise resources from the 70.5° East orbital slot that sits at the crossroads between Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Its 48 Ku-band transponders will be located on a single platform, more than doubling current capacity at 70.5° East for data and government services, broadband access, GSM backhauling and professional video exchanges. Eutelsat 70B will replace the Eutelsat 70A satellite which will subsequently be redeployed to another location.