Film Four & Film Four +1: 19-10-2012.

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11:00The Bounty Hunter[SUB]A professional manhunter searches for three murderous train robbers who have taken cover in a backwoods town, but is unable to identify the killers among the community's residents. Meanwhile, the fugitives are aware of his arrival, and tensions begin to rise. Western, starring Randolph Scott, Dolores Dorn and Ernest BorgnineFilm/Western

12:40Hellfighters[SUB HD]The leader of a crack team of firefighters regularly puts his life on the line to extinguish blazing oil wells. However, his personal feelings start to get in the way when his beloved daughter falls for one of his colleagues. Adventure, starring John Wayne, Katharine Ross, Jim Hutton and Bruce CabotFilm/Adventure

15:00Siege of the Saxons[SUB HD]King Arthur is betrayed and killed by one of his knights, who has formed an alliance with an invading Saxon horde and intends to seize the throne himself. However, the dead monarch's daughter is rescued by an outlaw, who seeks the aid of Merlin in ensuring the crown passes to her instead of the villainous usurper. Medieval adventure, starring Ronald Lewis, Janette Scott and John LaurieFilm/Adventure

16:45The Man Who Knew Too Much[SUB HD]An American couple on holiday in Morocco witness the killing of a local man they have befriended. Before dying he whispers a secret that has serious political implications - but they are stopped from telling the police when their son is kidnapped by a gang of spies bent on keeping them silent. Alfred Hitchcock's remake of his own 1934 thriller, with James Stewart, Doris Day, Bernard Miles and Daniel Gelin. Featuring Day's performance of Oscar-winning song Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)Film/Detective/Thriller

19:05Nine Months[SUB AD HD]A child psychologist's well-ordered world begins to fall apart when his live-in girlfriend announces she is pregnant. Not fond of children anyway, he dreads the impact a baby will make on his life - and to make matters worse, their eccentric Russian obstetrician admits he has never delivered a baby before. Romantic comedy, starring Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, Jeff Goldblum, Joan Cusack and Tom Arnold, with Robin Williams in a cameo roleFilm/Comedy

21:00Semi-pro[SUB HD]Premiere. A passionate but incompetent basketball coach learns that only the four best teams in his league will be carried over to a new division. So to stop his team languishing at the bottom of the heap, he recruits an ageing star player to turn their fortunes around. Seventies-set comedy, starring Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson and Andre BenjaminFilm/Comedy

22:45Carlos - Part ThreePremiere. The concluding part of Olivier Assayas' biopic trilogy sees Carlos become the Godfather of European terrorism, setting up a base of operations in Budapest. However, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 brings about a seismic political changes worldwide, and demolishes Carlos' global network of allies, leaving him open to capture. Drama, starring Edgar Ramirez. In French, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Japanese and RussianFilm/General Movie/Drama

01:10Black BookA Jewish woman joins the Dutch resistance after her family is murdered by the Nazis while trying to escape the country. Working as a singer, she seduces a Gestapo officer and uses their affair as a way of infiltrating Nazi high command, but finds herself caught up in a dangerous double life as she begins to fall in love with him. Second World War thriller, with Carice van Houten, Sebastian Koch, Thom Hoffman and Halina Reijn. In Dutch, German, English and HebrewFilm/Detective/Thriller/War