SMIT Relocate to Hong Kong

Editor | 19-10-2012

As part of its global expansion ambitions, digital content delivery and over-the-top (OTT) security firm SMIT has relocated its global headquarters from Shenzhen, China to Hong Kong, effective immediately.

The company says that it made its move “after careful deliberation” and that a transition, effective immediately, from the Chinese mainland to what it calls one of the world’s most important financial, trading and media centres would serve as an important link between the company’s operations in China and the world markets. While continuing to serve traditional client base in Europe, SMIT is also boosting its presence to serve new clients in the Far East and other emerging markets.

The office in Hong Kong will focus on strategy, governance, new business origination and strategic alliance, international marketing and sales execution, corporate finance and treasury, and content delivery security-sensitive research and development activities. Furthermore SMIT says that given Hong Kong has an international legal frame work for intellectual property protection and cross-border commerce, the move will give its conditional access and other overseas partners “confidence” on protection of their IP.

"As SMIT Corporation grows in the global conditional access module (CAM) and digital content delivery markets in Europe, China and emerging markets such as India and South America, we selected Hong Kong as the optimum location for our new global headquarters," explained SMIT President Shuai Hongyu. "We are all very excited about the relocation and the Company looks forward to strengthening client relationships, raising our market presence, and enhancing corporate governance."