Mixed fortunes for Elion

The Estonian telco Elion has announced increases in the take-up of its TV and internet services.

The former, which are offered under the brand name nutiTV, were received in 150,132 homes at the end of Q3, or 11% more than a year earlier, while the latter had 209,089 customers, or 6% more than a year earlier.

Elion’s bundled packages, providing TV, internet and telephony, meanwhile had 115,000 subscribers.
Elion has invested €21.1 million to date this year, with the majority being allocated to its fibre-optic network.
Around a quarter (54,500) of its internet subscribers now opt for ultra-fast broadband.

The telco’s revenues in the first none months of the year amounted to €150.5 million, or €8.7 million less than in the same period last year.
Its EBITDA was €5.6 million lower at €40.1 million.