Pay-DTT distributor TV Numeric goes into receivership

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 20-10-2012

French pay DTT distributor TV Numeric has been placed into receivership, after having dropped from 100,000 subs at the beginning of 2012 to 40,000 subs today.

Looking for a partner, the bouquet is giving itself until the end of this year to save interests before closing entirely.

TV Numeric now comprises five channels including Eurosport, Paris Première, LCI, Planète+ and TF6, which are sold at €10 per month but are also available on all cabsat and IPTV platforms.

The company, of which 90% is owned by by Hugues d'Annoux, is the latest victim of the failure of pay-DTT in France, which has never really taken off.

Several channels such as Canal j, AB1 and CFoot, had left the offer in the previous years as they found no economic model into pay-DTT.
Pay-DTT has never found its place, torn between free DTT and its line-up of 18 channels, and a very dynamic cabsat market.

Receivership doesn’t include push video DTT offer SelecTV, whose launch had been already announced many times. The service had not kicked off yet owing to the mother company bad time.