Cato Halsaa to head ESOA

Cato Halsaa, CEO of Telenor Satellite Broadcasting, has assumed the position of chairman of the board of the European Satellite Operators Association (ESOA) with immediate effect.

He takes over from Eric Béranger, former CEO of Astrium Services and now CEO of Astrium Satellites.

At the same time, Michel de Rosen, CEO of Eutelsat, has been confirmed as vice chairman and David McGlade, CEO of Intelsat, as second vice chairman of ESOA.

Halsaa thanked Béranger for his leadership over the last 18 months and reiterated his commitment to continue to champion the positive efforts and awareness of satellite services that the association has already achieved.
“Using the evidence from the Booz & Company report, we will develop the European Commission’s understanding that satellite is an inherent part of the future communications ecosystem, with a role that goes beyond that of bridging the digital divide”.

He added: “I would also like to see the Commission take a holistic approach to managing and evaluating spectrum use in the future – an approach based not only on economics but also taking into account socio-economic factors and technical efficiencies.”