Made in America launches with host Terry Bradshaw

Michelle Clancy | 22-10-2012

A new independent talk show, Today in America TV, has launched with host Terry Bradshaw, touting a focus on "Made in America" companies and their products and services.

Distributed on a variety of networks throughout the United States and Canada, including FOX and ABC, the show travels from coast to coast and is meant to capture the era of the changing economic times through immersive stories. It explores the green energy sector, examines costs related to healthcare, looks at the best business schools, talks to those who are leading in their various fields and more.

"Viewers will be excited to see that we've gone beyond the typical news stories. From the moment we launched the series, we knew that we were telling stories that would get noticed," said Vice President of Production Jim Nicholas. "These are stories about experts who have the ability to share first-hand insights with our viewers."

Today in America was created exclusively for Terry Bradshaw to host. The former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, a popular and well-known sports personality, is an NFL Hall of Fame inductee and was one of the players who was instrumental in leading the team to win four Super Bowl victories and other national championship games. He retired from the sport in the mid-1980s and has worked in broadcasting for almost 30 years as commentator, analyst and co-host for national television networks. Now, he is an often requested motivational speaker and spokesperson for top name-brand Nutrisystem.