HBO GO launches i Colombia

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 22-10-2012

HBO Latin America has launched its TV Everywhere platform, HBO GO, in Colombia. Through the service, HBO subscribers will be able to use their pay-TV credentials to log in and watch films, series, shows and special programs from HBO and the networks for which it has distribution rights, online and, soon, via dedicated mobile apps.

Customers of satellite operator MiDIRECTV will be the first to have access.

"Following the success in Brazil where, only weeks after its launch, HBO GO reached record numbers for access and streaming, we now launch in Colombia, giving our subscribers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite programs anytime, anyplace," said Emilio Rubio, president of HBO Latin America Group. "We are very proud to bring a product to Latin America that further enhances the HBO Premium entertainment experience in the region."

HBO GO offers streaming of all HBO shows, plus the ability to receive alerts and notifications when new episodes are available. Users can create watchlists with favourite programs and view them in HD, with or without subtitles. Content is divided into series, movies, documentaries, specials, children and adults.

In series, for example, subscribers can find the most recent episodes of the third season of Boardwalk Empire, as well as complete seasons of True Blood and Game of Thrones. In addition to the latest series, customers will be able to view all seasons of The Sopranos, Rome and series produced in Latin America such as Mandrake, Capadocia and Prófugos. Exclusive content distributed in the region by HBO such as Mad Men, Preamar and House of Lies will also be available on HBO GO.

HBO GO will become available with other pay TV operators in Colombia that are working to integrate the service.