to stream live audience reaction to final U.S. presidential debate

Michelle Clancy | 22-10-2012 teamed up with CrowdOptic to offer immediate reactions from the in-person audience at the final presidential debate, through a real-time social activity stream available exclusively at

Online viewers of the live stream of the final presidential debate on saw how many people in the debate audience are watching and taking photos of one candidate versus another, as a measure of the crowd's interest, via a real-time social activity stream that will be displayed in a widget alongside the live stream. In an accompanying feature, viewers will also be able to join in social media conversations online with live eyewitnesses at the event.

Mobile technology from CrowdOptic powers this new capability at It uses the sensor technologies in the smartphones of the in-person audience members to track the interest of a live audience. CrowdOptic calculates, tags and analyses where individuals in the audience are looking through their smartphones (their focus), and then displays the resulting photos and videos in a real-time activity stream.

"The integration of the CrowdOptic technology gives our online viewers a new way to engage with the live presidential debate, and you'll only see this kind of interaction on," said Blaise Zerega, CEO of "This debate is a great example of why exists. The live event can only seat an audience of a few hundred inside the auditorium, but there are millions of people who are interested in watching it as well. By combining our live stream with the CrowdOptic technology, we are inviting our viewers to be active participants."

She added, "whether they are watching the debate on at home, on their iPad on the train or anywhere else, our viewers will be able to see how the live, in-person audience is responding in real-time to the debate, and will be able to weigh in and spark dialogue directly with the live audience members."