Verizon, Time Warner Cable expand joint quad-play offer

Michelle Clancy | 22-10-2012

Verizon Wireless and Time Warner Cable are continuing their joint marketing endeavours with the launch of a quad-play residential offering in the Rochester N.Y. area and select towns in Arizona, California, Massachusetts and Texas.

Households can now purchase packages of Time Warner Cable video, Internet and voice services and Verizon Wireless smartphones and tablets, marketed by both companies. New customers can receive a Visa prepaid debit card valued up to $200.

The companies already have quad-play offers in cities in Hawaii, Kansas, Nebraska, New England, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Wisconsin. They expect to launch packages in additional Time Warner Cable communities in the coming months.

"This is a big win for customers looking for a more complete entertainment and communications offering for inside the home and wherever they go," said Terence Rafferty, regional vice president of operations, Time Warner Cable Northeast. "The joining together of products and services from Time Warner Cable and Verizon Wireless into a single offer provides customers more choice, convenience and greater value."

Verizon and four cable companies (Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House and Cox) can sell one another's products as part of Verizon's acquisition of the four's holdings of AWS spectrum, which the FCC approved in August. Eventually, the MSOs will acquire the option to sell Verizon Wireless's service on a wholesale basis.

Verizon began its quad-play trial with Cox in May in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla. And in April, Verizon and Comcast began selling packages offering consumers debit cards worth up to $300.

Verizon Wireless is blocked by the FCC from selling the quad-play packages with cable MSOs in areas where one of its corporate parents, the telco Verizon Communications, offers its own triple-play service under the FiOS brand.