News council slams RTVE for integrating TV and web divisions

Iñaki Ferreras | 23-10-2012

Even though the move could well provide a much needed cost savings, the Interactive Media News Council of Spain’s national public broadcaster RTVE disagrees with the decision of management to integrate the areas of Internet and TV.

The idea was integrating and TVE to adjust the management structure and realignment of divisions and territorial units in a team led by Leopoldo Gonzalez-Echenique. In the case of the 'fusion' of and TVE, the makers of Prado del Rey intend to promote the creation of content for different media and promote the project of multiscreen TV.

Yet the professional body representing Interactive workers has produced a note which considers integration is "neither the only nor the best way to enhance collaboration and coordination of different newsrooms, since there are other ways to increase communication among corporate reporting and optimise resources. These pathways actually existed and could have delved into this model. "

The Board further believes that the launch of the new multiscreen television "itself does not justify the union of the newsrooms of information". [RTVE] could have worked on it with the structure already had independent interactive media through TVE liaison teams".

Given the fact that the news writers rely on the web address TVE news, the Council said that the management has stated that "it did not expect to obey a plan to reduce staff, which is not used to cover the possible lack of staff in the Canal 24 Horas and other than a means of editorial control information”