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Thread: cerebro ok 100%

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    cerebro ok 100%

    cerebro leuft wieder getested.....

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    Re: cerebro ok 100%

    und alles hell?????????

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    Re: cerebro ok 100%

    ne leider nicht mehr alles

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    Re: cerebro ok 100%

    wieder dunkel

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    Re: cerebro ok 100%

    Hello, is this update still working, I've tried two of theme but didn't seem to work, I don't know which is the right one and why are they so many.

    I need some help t to pick up the right one .

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    Re: cerebro ok 100%

    hi my friend.
    for satelite i gess is the 384 cs

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    Re: cerebro ok 100%

    I don't think you need to bother trying.
    First off there has been NO Updates' since August 2006!
    When Premiere was open earlier this Month it was still useing the same Keys as before.

    Apparently Premiere just happend to turn off whatever they had running duriing that time and the Hackercards were working again.
    Sadly that only lasted for about a Week till it turned dark again.

    So I wouldn't waste to much time on Premiere (Unless your rich and dumb enough to get an Anaconda Card).

    The good News (if theres realy any to be had), is that the Cerebro Card still works over Cable (Iesy Hessen),.
    I haven't tried Kable Deutschland 23.5°e for a longtime, so I can't say if it still works there or not.

    But here how the list breaks down:
    383 - S/K 01
    384 - S/K 02
    C - Cable
    S - Satellite
    Z - Dbox2

    Therefore the most common Image would be 384-(S02), C-(Satellite), Z-(Dbox2),...

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