New landmarks for Russian pay-TV

Russia’s pay-TV market was worth R35.5 billion (€869 million) in the first nine months of this year, while the penetration level of pay-TV services stood at 54%.

Data produced by TelecomDaily and published by AKTR and ITAR-TASS indicates that the latter was equivalent to 29.3 million subscribers.
It also shows that cable remained the most popular method of receiving pay-TV services in the first nine months of the year with a market share of 58%.

DTH, despite the huge success of Tricolor TV, claimed 35% and IPTV 7%, with the biggest subscriber gains being recorded by Tricolor TV, ER Telecom and Rostelecom.
However, the data also shows that the subscriber numbers of leading providers such as MTS, Akado and NTV Plus were little changed in the first nine months of the year.