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Thread: HUMAX IRCI 5400 not loading

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    HUMAX IRCI 5400 not loading

    Can someone help? I have a very old Humax IRCI 5400 which I have never had a problem with and yesterday it would not load the channels. After it showed H2.08 it would not load further. I have many years ago patched my receiver with TOH software and thought I would do a clean and loaded original firmware. This got the box going again yesterday and today but when I swutched it off and switched it back on again 10 mins later it suddenly did the same thing again, not loading. Can you please tell me if this isa hardware or software problem and what can I do to repair?

    Thankk you


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    Re: HUMAX IRCI 5400 not loading

    Since posting this question I have researched the forum and other websites and discovered that I just needed to reload the the TOH HoT firmware and new channel settings and this has solved my problem. Trusty old Humax 5400 running as well as ever after 9 years. Regards to all. shadow007ni

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