Venezuela to regulate pay-TV

Iñaki Ferreras | 23-10-2012

Venezuela's government is working on a bill to regulate pay-TV, following the Brazilian experience, aiming to prioritise national programming.

According to Dario Vivas, President of the Permanent Commission of the People and the Media of the National Assembly, the future law will focus on three points: the contractual relationship between the user and the company, operator programming and national programming for pay-TV media.

White Eekhour, responsible for drafting the project, said the government had to take into account “claims of various regional channels have been excluded or charge them very high to spread its signal”. He added: 'We want our audiovisual industry [to] fit in the schedule.”
Eekhour also revealed that in order to develop the project, the Brazilian governing model for pay-TV providing for the inclusion of local programming quota signals in international and a percentage of Brazilian channels used by subscription TV operators.

Current regulation requires national developers to allocate 12% of content to national audiovisual producers.