TelcoTV: Entone launches Kamai 500 for hybrid linear-OTT TV

Michelle Clancy | 24-10-2012

Entone is unveiling its Kamai 500 Hybrid Media Player this week at the TelcoTV show. Powered by Entone's FusionTV platform, Kamai enables service operators to meld traditional linear HDTV and cloud-based services over broadband into one, operator-branded experience.

The suite of cloud services includes over-the-top (OTT) content such as streaming movies and shows from VUDU, social media apps from Facebook and Twitter, photo sharing from Flickr and Picasa, and Internet radio from Pandora.

"Service operators can strengthen their broadband value while also increasing their revenue opportunity and customer satisfaction," said Mark Evensen, founder and CTO of Entone. "The Kamai 500 Series is a cost-effective yet powerful hybrid TV platform for operators to capitalise on OTT to grow their business."

The Kamai 500 lowers the cost profile for operators with a compact design, twice the processing speed and half the power consumption of other streaming devices, Entone said.

Kamai also has an optional off-air tuner for receiving local television station feeds over the air, so pay-tv operators can eliminate retransmission fees and reduce network bandwidth demand on the video infrastructure.

It also comes with a variety of networking options, such as pre-802.11ac Wi-Fi (5.4GHz) for whole-home wireless HD video distribution.

Kamai also supports Adaptive Bit-Rate (ABR) streaming to dynamically adjust streaming parameters to current network conditions for increased QoE, and remote diagnostic tools for troubleshooting—minimising truck rolls and reducing support costs. And, it's integrated with third-party middleware and digital rights management (DRM) solutions such as Cubiware, Latens, Microsoft PlayReady, Minerva, Nordija and Verimatrix.