VuMee monetises mobile, PC video sharing content

Editor | 24-10-2012

In its bid to cash in on video sharing content from the desktop and mobile platforms, VuMee has inked agreements with BrightRoll, MonetizeIt and to provide it with pre-roll and banner ads.

The advertising platform providerand says that it hasgainedsignificantviewership and traffic that has made it possible to enter into these partnerships. It adds that its platform supports several revenue opportunities with not only pre-roll solutions but also mid-roll, post-roll, overlay, display advertising and email advertising. Furthermore VuMee believes that it has the potential to create additional market reach for new and existing brands.

"VuMee is excited to take the next step in proving out their advertising revenue model, by monetising our advertising inventory. Working with BrightRoll, and MonetizeIt will enable more brand advertisers to run relevant campaigns to our content, reaching a wide, highly engaged and deeply targeted audience globally," commented VuMee CEO MichaelSpeigel.