KPN claims 20% TV market share

Dutch incumbent telco KPN has reported 1.58 million TV households at the end of the third quarter, 2012, representing a 20% share of the Dutch TV market. The operator now has the number three position in the TV market, behind Ziggo and UPC.

KPN offers two TV products in the Dutch consumer market, the pay DTT service Digitenne, which accounted for 741,000 subscribers, and its IPTV product Interactieve Televisie, which had 829,000 homes connected. Digitenne is slowly losing ground – at the end of Q3, 2011 the platform had 853,000 connected homes.

The uptake of IPTV subscribers outweighs the losses of the DTT platform. At the end of Q3 2011, KPN had 489,000 IPTV homes, rising to the current 829,000, an increase of 340,000 net new connections. This past quarter is the first time that the IPTV subscribers base has passed the number of DTT homes.
During the quarter, KPN has also introduced streaming channels to smart phones, including Android and iPhone.

KPN also said that its network division continued the copper network upgrades in Q3 2012; VDSL upgrades and roll-out of VDSL to the outer-rings are on track.
The FttH roll-out, through the Reggefiber joint-venture, continued as planned. The number of homes passed by the Reggefiber joint-venture in Q3 2012 increased with 103,000 to 1,181,000.

“KPN is on track to reach its 2012 market share objectives in The Netherlands. Positive broadband net adds driven by FttH, IPTV and small acquisitions are supporting broadband market share,” the company said in a press statement