FilmFlex to power film service on EE UK 4G network

Editor | 24-10-2012

As it unveiled the pricing and plans for its new fibre broadband and 4G services, EE has chosen white-label, movies-on-demand service FilmFlex for its EE Film service.

Running the Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK, EE’s new LTE-based telecoms network is set for launch on 30 October and will l cover a third of the population by the end of 2012 by which time its fibre service will cover half of the population by the end of the year.

Mobile TV and mobile video are among the key revenue generating applications for 4G services which offer in theory the necessary bandwidth and capacity to support them. In establishing viable mobile TV and video services, 4G would at long last address the potential for wireless that 3G was supposed to offer around the turn of the millennium but could never deliver.

Indeed EE claims that the launch of superfast mobile and fixed speeds will inspire the birth of “revolutionary and exciting” new services. First of these it says is EE Film. Leveraging content from FilmFlex joint venture partners Sony Pictures Television and Walt Disney, FilmFlex movies-on-demand services for major media owners Virgin Media, Film4 and HMV. It has content supply deals with over 30 distributors, including the six major Hollywood studios, the UK’s leading independent distributors as well as boutique distributors.

EE Film will combine 2-for-1 cinema ticketing, listings, trailers and film downloads or streaming. The Film Store is said to present the largest catalogue of new releases available in the UK, with more than five times the number of new releases than other similar providers, and more than 700 films available in total.

EE customers will be able to watch a film of their choice on their mobile, on their PC or even on their TV (via their laptop). Pause & Play also allows customers to view the film on one device, such as their smartphone, pause it, then pick it up on another device, such as their laptop. 4GEE customers will able to download or stream a film, each week, on EE, without impacting their data allowance.

Commented EE CEO Olaf Swantee: “We’re proud to be leading the way and pioneering the roll out of 4G in the UK. With our new brand and unique 4G and fibre services, we will deliver consumers and businesses across the country next-generation services and a superior level of support. Our new plans have been developed to offer our customers everything they have been asking for – superfast performance, choice and value – as well as a fresh approach to pricing and customer service that offers accessibility, flexibility and guidance every step of the way.”