Adobe: TV ads one of the most effective forms of advertising

Michelle Clancy | 25-10-2012

A majority of consumers in a new survey from Adobe say that television ads are a more effective form of advertising than online marketing. A full 66% of consumers polled said that TV ads make a better impression. In fact, TV ads and print magazine ads ranked as the most favourable form of advertising across the board. In-app/in-game ads fared worst in capturing customer favourability.

When it came to Web marketing, about 28% of respondents said that user-generated content is an effective ad medium, but about a third of consumers (30%) said that they believe that online advertising is not effective at all, while 54% said that specifically, Web banners have negligible impact. Paid search listings rated the worst, with only 3% of consumers rating them as effective.

The words "annoying" and "distracting" were the most common adjectives use to describe online advertising. And search-term-related advertising drew comments like "online advertising is creepy and stalks you."

When it comes to social media, consumers tend to show engagement more. About 57% have "liked" a brand on platforms like Facebook. More than half (53%) said they wanted a "dislike" button to use. Even more interestingly, almost a third of survey respondents (29%) said they would check a product out if it were recommended on social media by a friend. And, 5% said they would like the product themselves and 2% said they would probably just buy the product on the basis of a recommendation.