TelcoTV: ARRIS intros multicast IPTV ad bundle

Michelle Clancy | 25-10-2012

ARRIS has introduced a bundled multicast IPTV advertising solution at the TelcoTV event, for the delivery of national, regional, zoned and targeted ads.

The end-to-end solution integrates ad storage, streaming, insertion and splicing in one device, the ARRIS Media Services Platform (MSP), which offers the capability to insert ads into live, encrypted video content.

The ARRIS IPTV bundled advertising solution consists of several interconnected products and can help provide operators with high-margin advertising revenues by inserting zoned and targeted advertising into the live video lineup. The MSP supports both traditional SCTE 30 protocol, as well as the new SCTE 130 protocol to integrate splicing with insertion.

The control of linear ad delivery, ad coordination and management is provided by the ARRIS AdEdge ad decision manager (ADM) which, with the MSP, forms the delivery system. On a separate server, the AdEdge Asset Preparation System ingests, prepares and manages ad content from the advertisers. It includes transcoding and transrating of ad content to the formats, bitrates, and codecs needed by IPTV broadband delivery networks, and it passes through closed captioning and metadata needed to comply with the CALM act.

The optional patented virtual zoning feature assigns subscribers to zones based on their profiles and offers flexible ad targeting. Zones can be targeted to zip+4 geographies as well as by subscriber characteristics. With the ARRIS virtual zoning feature operators can offer advertisers options for national, regional, zoned or targeted ads. For example, subscribers of a specific premium channel could be targeted with one ad and non-subscribers with another.

"Advertising represents a significant immediate revenue opportunity for IPTV operators. Our new bundle lowers the barriers to entry by simplifying the solution and shortening the time to pay back the investment," said John Reister, vice president of project strategy for edge media processing at ARRIS. "Local advertising insertion is not just for large operators any more. Operators can develop new advertising revenue streams with enhanced services such as addressability, virtual zoning and targeting customisable subscriber characteristics."