VideoWeb expands music TV line-up

Jörn Krieger | 25-10-2012

German set-top-box manufacturer VideoWeb has added further TV channels for music lovers to its portfolio.

German internet TV music platform Putpat contributes five new music channels: Hooray!TV, JAZZthing.TV, FestivalGuideTV, HeimatTV and Rock Alarm TV. The free-to-air channels show music videos of selected genres such as rock, jazz, hip-hop and German-language music 24 hours per day and complement the existing Putpat line-up of ChartsTV, IntroTV, VibesTV, RockTV and RetroTV.

Another new offering comes from the Berlin Philharmonics which enables viewers to take the orchestra headed by chief conductor Sir Simon Rattle into their living room. In addition to fee-based live concerts the service contains an archive with free-of-charge content.

The new channels emerge on the TV screen in the shape of apps and can be accessed using the remote control of the VideoWeb box. They get into the living room as over-the-top-TV services through the open internet. For this purpose, the box is connected to the broadband internet line through Wi-Fi or a network cable and to the flat-screen TV set using an HDMI connection.