Ecuador approves DTT Plan

Iñaki Ferreras | 25-10-2012

In addition to entertaining surprise guests at its embassies, the Ecuadorean government has approved the Master Plan for Digital Television in the country, which among other things, enables channels to start test transmissions before the 2020 analogue switch.

Jaime Guerrero, Minister of Telecommunications, said the resolution issued by the National Telecommunications Council (CONATEL) over which he presides, defines the frequency bands that will be used for transmission channels and channel, the dates for the digital switchover, content generation and the mechanisms to identify equipment and infrastructure requirements issues.

“The plan is to collect the policies, procedures and guidelines to be applied during the transition to digital television and aims to improve the quality of broadcast television services, in addition to guaranteeing the right to communication and optimise the use of spectrum radio,” said Guerrero.