Mobile video makes up 75% global mobile data traffic

Michelle Clancy | 26-10-2012

New subscriber behaviours across a variety of device types and operating systems are emerging when it comes to mobile video, according to the quarterly ByteMobile Mobile Analytics Report.

For instance, the report examines mobile video traffic worldwide, finding that the majority of mobile network data traffic is from video and web traffic, with an average of 75% across the globe. The findings revealed that North America and Europe have similar mobile video traffic patterns, while South America and Asia have slightly lower video content consumption on mobile devices. The Middle East has the highest average of mobile video traffic by volume.

The results also identify certain peak hours of content and video consumption, which negatively impacted network performance by as much as 30%.

"This report serves as a vital resource for operators by demonstrating when capacity is strained throughout the day and what applications subscribers are using most," said Chris Koopmans, vice president and general manager of Service Provider Platforms at Citrix. "For example, we observed that subscribers generate greater demand for mobile video in the late evening hours of 10 to11 p.m., which coincides with a social networking busy hour of 10 p.m., and differs from the 4 p.m. busy hour for consuming news, weather and maps. This type of data can be used by carriers to really understand subscriber behavior and, in turn, improve their quality of service."

For instance, using data from Citrix, the report found that Android smartphone and tablet data consumption patterns are very similar in volume, with media players and Internet browsing consuming 70% of mobile data volume from devices running the operating system.

Unsurprisingly, iTunes and browsers such as Safari make up the majority of iOS mobile data volume, accounting for 75% of data volume for the iPhone and 95% for the iPad. The analysis further illustrates how subscriber interests and content patterns change throughout the day.

In the report, mobile messaging applications were analysed to show that subscribers use Skype twice as much on the iPad than on the iPhone. In contrast, iPhone users use Facebook Messenger three times more often than iPad users. To validate the use of messaging applications on the iPhone, the report indicates that 94% of subscribers use one of the top four messaging apps: Skype (30%), WhatsApp (24%), Viber (22%) and Facebook Messenger (18%).

In a recent announcement from Facebook, the social media frontrunner has reached 600 million active users on its mobile application, accounting for 60% of its total user base. Today's Mobile Analytics Report indicates that the popular mobile application from Facebook is instrumental in driving user traffic to other sites which generate 77% of overall Facebook mobile data traffic volume. The five sites that generate the majority of this data traffic are YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo and eBay.