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Thread: Neotion 601 only gets horizontals...

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    Question Neotion 601 only gets horizontals...

    Hi all,

    I`m looking for help with the following problem: my 601 only catches horizontals, no verticals. Tuner is fine, hooked as slave to another STB, with no tension on cable and LNB controlled by master STB, picks up everything, depending on polarization of master. Switching off LNB power on menu has no effect, had to disconnect a wire inside to get rid of 23 V. Tension on cable is always 23 V, not 18 or 13 as it should be. Member chanisca mentioned on another thread a problem with a voltage regulator IC on a 501, but I could not find any more info on that, despite long searches. Opened the box, no visible damage anywhere, and I`m familiar with electronic components damage. A schematic of the power supply would be great, but any info or hint will be very appreciated. It happened after some 3 months of use, but now I have messed with it too much to send it back on warranty. Would like to fix it myself.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Neotion 601 only gets horizontals...

    i have the same problem.
    Anyone fix this error?

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