Belgacom TV continues to grow

October 26, 2012 08.52 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Belgacom said it has added during Q3, 39,000 new Belgacom TV subscriptions bringing the total TV customer base to 1,340,000.

The operator said of the net new TV additions, there were 32,000 new households and 7,000 so-called “second-stream users” (people adding a second TV set).

In the third quarter 2012, Belgacom’s customer base continued to grow for Belgacom TV and fixed internet, mainly sold within a multi-play offer, while the fixed voice erosion remained contained.

Belgacom improved its group revenue trend in the third quarter 2012, reporting EUR 1,620 million revenue or a 1.5% increase compared to the same period of 2011.

The company reports for the third quarter 2012 a group EBITDA of EUR 460 million, before non-recurring expenses, or 2.7% lower than for the same period of 2011.