CSA publishes roadmap for HD rollout
October 26, 2012 08.09 Europe/London By Robert Briel

The French media authority CSA has now published the official roadmap for the rollout of the two new HD multiplexes R7 and R8.

The move follows earlier announcements about the preparations of the nationwide introduction of the extension of the new terrestrial HD services.

The six new channels will come on air on December 25 and will at that time be available to around 25% of population in mainland France. At the same time, all other TV platforms (cable, satellite DTH and IPV) are also required to carry the new HD channels.

The rollout will take place in 13 phases and will be completed in June 2015, when 97% of the population will be able to receive the mew HD channels.

The six channels, HD1, l’Equipe HD, 6Ter, Tvous la télédiversité, RMC Découverte and Chérie HD, will be distributed on the R7 and R8 multiplexes.