$20,000 Ultra HD TVs launch in US

Michelle Clancy | 29-10-2012

LG has launched the first Ultra High Definition flat-panel TV with four times the resolution of today's HDTVs for consumers in the United States.

The LG 84-inch class LED TV is not cheap: it carries an MSRP of $19,999.99. But model 84LM9600 quadruples the level of detail from full 1080p HD resolution to a massive 8 million pixels. The problem, of course, is that so-called "4K" content for television is not yet available (and there's not real timeline for when it will be). LG is combatting that issue with a conversion engine, the proprietary LG Resolution Upscaler Plus, which the company said delivers higher detail from current HD/SD external sources.

Jeff Joseph of the); an award winning director and 4K content pioneer; and industry insider and technologist Tom Campbell.
"Content is always a major factor when new hardware technologies are introduced on the market," said Randall Dark, CEO of Randall Dark Productions and a director/cinematographer. "The LG Ultra HD TV's upscaling capability is crucial so consumers can enjoy the benefits of higher resolution now, while the rest of the industry, myself included, work on ways to advance this new format with native 4K content."

In addition to its picture quality, LG's 84LM9600 can also tap LG's smart TV ecosystem, featuring more than 1,000 apps to date. Users can also browse and navigate through the ecosystem using LG's Magic Remote, which allows users to make commands using the control modes of Voice Recognition, Wheel, Magic Gesture and Point. It also features LG's CINEMA 3D technology and an embedded 2D to 3D conversion engine to expand 3D content availability.

"Innovation drives our industry, and Ultra High Definition is the latest innovation that will transform home entertainment," said Jeff Joseph, the Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) senior vice president of communications and strategic relationships. "This milestone is a pivotal moment in TV history, because Ultra HD 4K technology will make it possible for consumers to purchase huge TVs with crystal clear picture quality."