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Thread: Humax Tools & Guide

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    All What You Need For Programming!!

    Hi - here you can find all what you need for programing your digital receiver.

    HDFSmart -> for firmware
    HNFSmart -> for settings
    PMCTSmart -> for tables
    Samy_Humy -> for .bin upload for fun card
    FunPromRemake -> for ALL FUNCARD (7in1 too) programming...
    5400Z_Plus_Builder -> if you have 5400 Z PLUS receiver, you must convert standard to PLUS...USE THIS!

    Best Regards


    PS: please remember -> set "CORRRRECT" receiver type in HNF Smart...

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    Great Work

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    humax new

    humax firware in tools

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    aes direct port com

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    New version Camd3 for Humax 5400

    ################################################## ###
    fixed “Protokol error” if several users with same names however with ski those passwords present are
    ################################################## ###
    This software will decrypt many different types of encryption and this method may help those who are having problems.

    1. Start on a TPS Crypt Channel.
    The key files contain TPS keys and you should therefore be able to get a channel like Multivision to decrypt. Run the software as already described in earlier postings and switch between CAID Preselects Card + Emu / Card + S + Emu. With the red button selected on your remote control, the wording above the "V" box should switch from "Emu" to "Net"
    When it shows "Emu" you are using the Humax to decrypt the channel.
    When it shows "Net" you are using the computer software to decrypt the channel.
    If the above doesn't happen, you have some problem with your set up. If the switching between "Emu" and "Net" occurs, then you can move to step 2.

    2. Digiturk Channel (Lig TV)
    The code for this channel is changing far less often than the others, so start with this channel. If this channel decodes and the others don't, then you need to update your Cryptoworks keys. If this channel does not decode, then move to step 3.

    3. Check your PMC Table.
    Whilst on a Digiturk channel, select Menu / ToH / EPG / PMCT.
    The first page of the table should have 0D03 highlighted in bold white in the Card + S + Emu row.

    If it is in a different row, alter your CAID Preselect to correct this.
    If it is showing a different ID (e.g. 0D00) then your PMC Table needs updating. This can be done by updating to a new table or by reversing the position of these ID's using PMC Edit.

    Assuming you now have the ID 0D03 in bold white, scroll down until you see a line that shows something like:

    Ident 0 0D03 0000 0000 0000 0000 ???

    The "???" should show the word "all"

    Change this, if necessary, using PMC Edit and entering the number "0000" in the last box. ( zero zero zero zero = all)
    It will never decode using this software if it is set to Emu or Crd.
    If the PMC Table is correct, then move to step 4.

    4. Getting the Cryptoworks keys up to date
    Most of the Digiturk keys are changing on a daily basis. You can update the keys by overwriting the "Camd3.keys" file. The following method works if you wish to "manually" update the key file yourself.

    a) Copy the existing Camd3.key file and save it.
    b) Rename the file to "Camd3.txt"
    c) Double click on the file and it should open using Notepad.
    d) Scroll down until you find relevant 00 and 01 keys for Digiturk 0D03 ID.
    e) Highlight the whole of the key and press the delete button.
    f) Highlight the whole of the new key from whatever source and select "Ctrl C" (Control and C buttons depressed together)
    g) Switch back to the same position in the Camd3.txt file and select "Ctrl V" (Control and V buttons depressed together). The new key should now have copied across. Ensure that any spaces between characters are removed.
    h) Save the altered file.
    i) Rename the file back to "Camd3.keys"
    j) Overwrite the old key file with your newly created one.

    This is only one method of updating your keys, but it works. If you just overwrite the file using one found on the net, you will not know whether it contains an updated key.
    I am sure there is other software that can be used to do the same thing.

    Hopefully, you will have now resolved any outstanding problems. Remember, with the right keys it should cope with:
    Nagravision 1 & 2
    Viaccess 1 & 2
    Seca 1 & 2
    Good luck.

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    Thumbs up New version Camd3 for Humax 5400

    New version Camd3 for Humax 5400
    You need to connect your Hummy to the Computer
    using these 2 prog : HSIC3.00 & servers.exe
    Without the need to connect to the internet - this is not sharing

    First : Humax setting must be at card+s+emu
    sharing protocol mode : HSIC

    Second: HSIC3.00 "client 3.00" must connect to humax using the appropriate com port -
    prog settings: server IP/name: ____ "leave it blank"
    server port: 20248
    user name: Humax5400 pass: HSIC
    Protocol: UDP
    Local IP: ____ "leave it blank"
    client port: 8003

    Third : Double click on "servers.exe"
    Read The Rules !
    Good luck.
    thanks for elahmed advice.

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    New Humax Turbo Suite 2.0 is out

    Humax Turbo Suite 2.0 Eye Of Horus
    By Humax Turbo Team.
    --Generate Flash Reset.
    -Download for PMCTool (Use Import Option in PMCTool)
    -HTT Turbo Scan and Fix
    Fix Killer raw files.
    Analyzing raw files which have extra bytes.
    -HTT Preferences Editor (Beta)
    -Extract and Merge Key.bin (with Fix Pref CRC)
    -HTT Theme Editor.
    -Extract and Theme (hdfbin-1-120000) (No Protection bypassing included)
    -Theme Viewer
    -Add Resize ,splitters to HTS. (Layout enhancements)
    -HPC 3.0
    - Open/Add .csv files.
    -Verify Duplicate raw buffrs.
    - Open/Add .raw files.
    -Verify firmwaredatabase signature.
    -Live Update for firmwaredatabase.
    -Verify Tux/HZU/HTT signature.
    -Verify HoT checksum.
    -Display HoT About Text.
    -Verify Killer MOD 2.
    -Verify Files CRC from firmwaredatabase.
    - Pack/Unpack.

    __________________________________________________ _
    Special thanks to CR2384, Humax Community Admin, Hyujin, Crazysat.
    Thanks to all friends who helped in testing.

    with special thanks to the following

    Planet Hemp for his original and continued work and without whom
    the humax would not be the great receiver it is today.

    The rest of the ToH team for their firmware releases and
    tools which have allowed this program to become a reality.

    Obviously HoT get a very special thankyou as without their
    modules this program would serve no purpose.

    And of course our thanks go to CrazySat for bringing us the best technical forum for humax users
    and big thanks to Humax Community for their Open Source.

    Humax Turbo Team

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    Aesdirect 2.8


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    Thumbs up Re: Aesdirect 2.8

    Here is a few keys for offline watch.
    Best Regards.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    AESDirect3.4 by eurocrypt

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