Boxer Sweden continues losing streak

October 29, 2012 11.44 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Boxer Sweden continues to hemorrhage subscribers with third quarter 2012 numbers falling to 602,000 from 626,000 12 months ago.

Operating income has also fallen, largely due to higher transmission costs following the rollout of new HD services, though increased subscriber revenues are largely compensating for the drop in actual subscribers.

Erosion during the quarter was largely due to the cancellation of cards used in summer houses and caravans. Owner Teracom says the underlying subscriber base is beginning to settle and new products Flex 8 and Hela Huset (Full House) have been well received.

Boxer Sweden reached its high water mark in 2007, since when both free and pay-DTT have fallen following the emergence of IPTV services.

In Denmark the effects of TV2ís move to pay-TV status at the beginning of the yea have as expected begum to subside. However, this has left Boxer Denmark with 371,000 subscribers, a healthy increase on the 90,000 of 12-months previous.

Finlandís Plus TV is ahead year on year, but has recently lost subscribers following the completion of the Canal+ coverage of the Hockey World Cup. It has 237,000 subscribers.