WotWots educational game app launches in China

Louise Duffy | 31-10-2012

Pukeko Pictures' pre-school favourites The WotWots are to appear in an educational game app in China.
Created by The WotWots’ Chinese partner, Grand Entertainment, Love to Learn with The WotWots is the first in a series of educational games that will provide age appropriate learning for pre-school children.
It will be available on Tencent, China Telecom, 91 helper and other promotional platforms and channels.

In keeping with the core fundamentals of the brand, the game app encourages children to be creative storytellers using various environments and animal characters, reinforcing the importance of caring for the world we live in.

Andrew Smith, chief executive of Pukeko Pictures, said: “There is a strong demand for The WotWots in China and the creation of this learning-based game app is aligned with the feedback we are receiving from our fans and their parents who want to interact regularly with the brand. China is an important region for The WotWots and the release of this game app is an extension of our solid relationship with Grand Entertainment."

Tang Yuzhi, chief executive of Grand Entertainment, added: “The WotWots has done a great job in encouraging pre-school children to explore and understand the world we live in, which is of high educational value in China. Development and release of this game app will strengthen and intensify the value of the brand and its fundamental principles in the region. We hope that through this intensive collaboration with Pukeko Pictures we can continue to develop more educational games suitable for pre-school children in China and enable them to learn with fun."

The release of this app strengthens the growth of The WotWots in the market and follows an exclusive agreement deal with the Animation School of the Beijing Film Academy and Grand Entertainment to establish the International Animation Technology Joint Research Centre to actively promote the development of animated projects and open up the expanding international, Chinese and film and television markets.

Formed to promote film and television cultural exchange between China and New Zealand, and develop animation technology in the synergy of enterprise, academia and institutional research, the deal between the three parties will also provide a platform for collaboration in the film and television fields between Chinese entities and international enterprises.

The first collaboration project between Pukeko Pictures, the Animation School of the Beijing Film Academy and Grand Entertainment consists of planned co-productions on The WotWots, including TV episodes that will be unique to the Chinese home market.

The WotWots follows the adventures of two siblings from outer space, SpottyWot and DottyWot, who have come to Earth to explore and to marvel at the diversity of life on our planet.