Jivox launches interactive mobile video ads fr Apple iPad mini, iPhone 5

Michelle Clancy | 01-11-2012

Jivox has announced that it now supports interactive mobile ads for video streamed to the Apple iPad mini and iPhone 5.

The company, which specializes in multiscreen interactive video advertising, will now allow publishers and agencies using its advertising platform to instantly deliver mobile ads on the newly released iOS products, without worrying about technology integration or device compatibility issues.

Both releases by Apple feature new screen sizes to give consumers more choices in mobile consumption. However, for advertisers and publishers this means more headaches with coding and ensuring that the ad creative is optimised for these newer screen sizes. Jivox's platform allows the ads to run on any screen size without additional coding.

"Within three days of the launch of the iPhone 5, over five million were sold and similar demand is expected of the Apple iPad mini," said the company. "For advertisers, this means millions of impressions delivered correctly."

The Jivox platform has added several new features, including adaptive ad selection, for automatically detecting the screen size of the device and serving the correctly-sized ad layout to each device. Many mobile rich media platforms use large "safe zones" (i.e. areas within an ad that don't contain any creative elements) in ads to ensure the creative elements are not cut off or fall short off the screen of the device. This results in only a small portion of the available screen real-estate on the device being used to render the ad experience.

"As the variety of screen sizes continue to proliferate in the market this one-size-fits-all approach is increasingly failing, as it leads to poor user experiences and severe creative constraints for ad designers," said the company.
Also, single-tag serving uses a single intelligent ad tag that automatically detects the type of device, browser and operating system and ensures the ad is correctly delivered. A single ad tag can deliver iPhone, iPhone 5, Android Phones, iPad and iPad mini ads, all of which have different screen sizes.

It also includes retina display support to deliver higher resolution ads to retina displays.

"When a new Apple product is released it's an event – with consumers lining up for hours to get their hands on the latest technology. Advertisers are aware of this and need to make sure the ads they launch are optimised for the new Apple screen sizes," said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox. "By taking technology complexities out of the equation, we enable advertisers to effortlessly run interactive video ad campaigns across any screen or mobile device, without distressing over formats or technology assimilation issues. This ensures that impressions are not lost and guarantees higher engagement and ROI."