Greek TV walk out over sackings
By Chris Forrester

ERTís screens went dark for two hours October 30th as staff staged a strike protesting the removal of two high-profile presenters from the public-backed network who had criticised a government minister.

The pair, Marilena Katsimi and Kostas Arvanitis were fired from their daily chat-show ĎMorning Informationí after having discussed a UK press report alleging that Greek police had deliberately tortured anti-fascist demonstrators during the recent financial unrest. Their show is aired on ERTís NET-TV network.

The Guardian newspaper had reported that 15 demonstrators had been allegedly tortured by Greek police.

The discussion which followed was described as Ďinformalí and part of the normal ebb and flow of discussion which is a core part of the chat show.

Reportedly, ERTís director general Aimilios Laitsos swiftly sacked the pair within an hour of the telecast.

More strikes are promised by ERTís news and current affairs teams.