BBC Hindi launches Global India on ETV

Louise Duffy | 01-11-2012

BBC World Service and ETV Network have announced the launch of the BBC Hindi TV programme, Global India, on five channels of ETV, India’s leading regional network, across the country’s Hindi-speaking states.
From Friday 2 November, the BBC’s new TV programme in Hindi will air weekly at prime time on ETV Bihar / Jharkhand, ETV Uttar Pradesh / Uttrakhand, ETV Rajasthan, ETV Madhya Pradesh / Chhattisgarh and ETV Urdu.
With BBC Hindi’s Rupa Jha as its lead presenter, Global India is a weekly 30-minute magazine-style show which brings alive the best of the BBC journalism from across the world, focusing on news and developments that resonate with the Indian audience. Ranging from hard news to human interest stories, culture and technology, the show aims to connect with millions of Hindi-speaking audiences through the expansive reach of ETV channels.
ETV Network, a leader in India’s Hindi regional belt, especially with channels across ETV HSM as well as ETV Urdu, has been reaching out to viewers from urban to semi-urban and rural areas. Being an essential part of the viewer’s daily TV experience, the network will form the perfect partner for BBC Hindi to engage with a much larger audience base in India.
BBC World Service head of journalism, Nikki Clarke, said: “This is a great development for the BBC in India, showing our commitment to our Hindi-speaking audiences. With this expansion on television, BBC Hindi builds on the strength of the BBC as a news brand in India. The editorial thrust of Global India reflects the strong interest in stories from around the world that are important for India and are brought alive by the BBC’s world-renowned news gathering operation.’’
BBC World Service head of business development - Asia Pacific, Indu Shekhar Sinha, added: “There have been huge changes in the way Hindi-speaking audiences consume our content, and as we work to adjust our distribution footprint to better serve them, the launch of Global India signals the fact that BBC Hindi is expanding in India’s media market. We are excited to be partnering with the ETV network to bring this dynamic new programme to millions of viewers.”
A spokesperson from ETV Network said: “ETV is an integral part of the regional audiences across the country, providing them with rich infotainment across languages. For years, ETV HSM channels and ETV Urdu have penetrated across the length and breadth of the country to provide a perfect blend of reach and viewers’ loyalty. Global India, created by BBC Hindi, will be a unique proposition for viewers of the ETV network across India, as it will share new, fresh and relevant content, further strengthening our commitment as a responsible news brand in the country.”