CANTV signs up 120,000 subs

Iñaki Ferreras | 01-11-2012

Venezuela’s National Telephone Company (CANTV) has signed up 120,000 subscribers for its DTH service, which is distributed in the rural regions of the country through the Simon Bolivar satellite.
CANTV includes 46 national and international channels and seven radio stations for $19.77 per month, indicating the portal intelligent environment. The grid includes channels like Venezolana de Television, Tves, Live, ANTV, Telesur, Colombia, Venevision, Televen, TVR, Brazil TV, Chile TV, Cubavision, Antena 3, 123TV, Disney, Discovery Kids, Utilisima, Animal Planet, Discovery, Nat Geo, HTV, Meridian TV and ESPN.
The DTH service will reach a number of hitherto uncovered communities such as those in Merida and sectors of Gran Sabana in Bolivar state by 23 January.