SmartLabs to provide KartinaTV STBs

November 1, 2012 07.33 Europe/London By Robert Briel

KartinaTV, a provider of Russian television to overseas viewers, is going to provide its services based on SmartLabs STBs.

KartinaTV is an OTT broadcaster for Russian-speaking audiences outside Russia, delivering multiple channels over the internet. Subscriptions costs around €19 a month for over 100 channels.

SmartLabs is going to deliver to the operator its SML-292 Premium STBs coming with a Wi-Fi option and SmartTUBE UI client applications.

KartinaTV provides services to residents of Germany, USA, Israel and the UK, running set-top boxes and software on computers and mobile devices.

The STBs supplied by SmartLabs to KartinaTV support Adaptive Streaming to deliver video over the Web. They come with a Wi-Fi option and perform the functions of a media player.

The STBs run the SmartTUBE UI application featuring a new interface to access KartinaTV services, electronic programme guide, videos and user generated content.

KartinaTV director Oleg Shevchenko said that establishing of partnership with SmartLabs is a strategic decision that will certainly contribute to the efficient promotion of interactive services and strengthening of KartinaTV foothold on the new markets.

“We are happy to start collaborating with KartinaTV and hope that our SML-292 Premium STBs with their extensive functionality and usability will help to boost sales of interactive services and develop the business of the operator,” said SmartLabs CEO Mikhail Grachev.