Clan launches tablet aimed at children

Iñaki Ferreras | 02-11-2012

Clan, the children’s channel of Spain’s national public broadcaster RTVE, has launched a tablet through which parents can select which applications their children use, choose what type of access they have to the Internet and control their time of use.

The device, launched on Wednesday, aims to demonstrate RTVE’s commitment to technology aimed at children and their safety. The new tablet offers parents the security of a content filtering, and offers children entertainment as well as education.

During the presentation, Ricardo Villa, director of TVE Interactive Media, explained: "It is our duty to move with a changing society and the goal of this tablet is to entertain and accompany children and parents safely in their entertainment,"

The new generation of children represents the future and is of special interest to RTVE which is targeting the 'Tablet Clan'. "It is a product for children to enjoy and it's a tool that provides entertainment and helps in the acquisition of knowledge within the children's natural habitat, which is new technology," said José Juan Ruiz, director of Children of RTVE.

The deputy director of Children's Content, Yago Fandino, stressed that the idea behind the device was that the user “will always have a companion at his side”.

The tablet includes a parental control system that allows the creation of up to eight different access profiles which can be adapted to the needs of each child depending on age or experience with technology and the Internet. Parents can also select which applications the child can use, allow or deny Internet access, and decide if network access is conditioned. They can also set the number of hours that children can use it or how many times a day they can access the tablet.

The tablet includes optimised versions of Clan applications including access to episodes of the series, popular games, educational applications, and camera and video facilities which can be disabled by parents.