Buenos Aires pay-TV stats unrepresentative of Argentina

Iñaki Ferreras | 02-11-2012

A new report conducted by LAMAC states that pay-TV in Buenos Aires is not representative of service consumption inside the country, where children's programming and documentaries prove most popular with the public.

In Buenos Aires, the news is the preferred content, but within the country this recorded a drop of 50%. Based on these figures, LAMAC advertisers and their agencies are planning campaigns using pay television IBOPE national ratings, and will evaluate the results of these nationwide, using the methodology developed by LAMAC in 2011.

"Now that we have information on pay television audience inside the country, using only the information of Buenos Aires involves making decisions on incomplete and erroneous radiography of the reality of the environment," said Valeria Gneiss, national manager of LAMAC Argentina. "The campaigns should be planned taking into account the audience of the four cities (Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba and Mendoza). The national rating, which averages the four cities, is that better reflects the actual behavior of the audience of pay television channels, which are national. "