Hi you all I noticed from time to time that people have problems forwarding their ports in their router.
Now this can be done on 2 ways, one way you do it manually and the other way you do it with a tool, which I always use.
To use the last option it's free and simple to use, the only way I always suggest is that you change your router password to a default one, and after you have made port forwarding changes in your router, you change the default password just to be sure that passwords donít get onto the internet, you never know.

The tool I'm talking about is simple to use and easy to setup with a small how to attached in the help section of this tool.

Any way have a look at http://www.simpleportforwarding.com/ it might make your live easier.

Ps I do not give support on this one, its to simple for you to handle this one, reading is a must, and changes you make to your router is on your own risk.
Remember change default router password before you use this tool, and set your routers password back again once you made the changes with this tool.
I'm not saying this tool sends passwords and ip addresses to other locations, but you can never be secure enough, so to be save do as suggested (you never know).

Good luck
And happy sharing.