FEARnet plan frightful November programming

Michelle Clancy | 05-11-2012

FEARnet is serving up more than turkey this November, with a Thanksgiving Day FEAR Bowl and a Mama Knows Best marathon on 15 November. The horror-focused cable network is also planning an Adam Green Night on 10 November.

The Green marathon will feature a range of films chosen by the director, including Green's own Diary of Anne Frankenstein, centering on Hitler's attempts to create the perfect killing machine. It also includes Frozen, with three snowboarders whose midnight run turns into a harrowing fight for survival, and Spiral, which follows a troubled artist whose inner darkness threatens to ruin his new romance.
Possessed houses, devilish daughters and creatures from the depths of hell attack in this all-day Mama Knows Best marathon. The seven-film event includes Monster House, Daddy's Girl, The Gate, Silent Hill, The Stepfather, A Christmas Tale and the network premiere of the Canadian domesticated zombie classic, Fido, where a pet zombie goes on a feeding frenzy in a small 1950s town, and a young boy is left cleaning up the mess.

The Thanksgiving Day FEAR Bowl Marathon - Thursday, November 22 (12 p.m.-4 a.m. ET/9 a.m.-1 a.m. PT)
Tune into FEARnet on Thanksgiving Day, for the "FEAR Bowl" marathon—a horrifying slate of eight of the genre's most frightening franchises. Kick-off begins at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT with The Devil's Rejects, Rob Zombie's twisted tale of murder and mayhem following the exploits of the infamous Firefly clan. Ginger Snaps Back, Return of the Living Dead 3, Wishmaster, Wishmaster 2, Single White Female 2 and Jack Frost 2 round out the macabre roster, with Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun in the Hood, set to fire up the scoreboard at 2:00 a.m. ET/11:00 p.m. PT as Warwick Davis' (Skinned Deep) pint-sized killing machine wreaks havoc in Compton.

FearNET is also showing its network premiere of Monster House on 11 November, the animated hit from executive producers Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg about three neighborhood pals who get more than they bargained for when they decide to explore the spooky old house across the street.

"Monster House is the first animated PG film to air on our network," said Sarah Shannon, FEARnet's director of programming. "But it still fits with what we're known for, because it represents everything that we, as horror fans, loved when we were kids. Fear is about more than gore and violence, and Monster House is the perfect example of a fun and terrifying way to make you scream and laugh." Monster House will air as part of a double-feature with The Gate, starring Stephen Dorff as a boy who discovers a portal to hell in his own backyard.