TeleMed Psychiatry leverages online video for remote consultation

Michelle Clancy | 05-11-2012

Telemedicine is slowly becoming mainstream, particularly for physician consultations. The latest in the trend is TeleMed Psychiatry, designed to give mental health providers and patients scheduled access to one another through secure online video therapy, regardless of location.

Fully supported by the American Psychiatric Association, telepsychiatry is a trusted channel for delivering psychiatric support including diagnosis, ongoing therapy, and prescription management. In remote regions of the world, telemedicine is highly successful in long-distance medical care and preventative services.

Domestically, online psychiatric care has tremendous potential in forensic psychology, veteran and military counseling, inmate therapy, drug and alcohol counseling, and for those who are homebound or in assisted living care. But until recently there was no way for providers to ensure full HIPAA-compliant security measures while conducting online talk therapy with mainstream patients.

"For years our clients have been eager to embrace online video sessions for medicine and psychiatry, but the cost of entry has been prohibitive and the security unreliable," said Daniel Gilbert, CEO and President of TeleMed eases entry to this in-demand medical service. "We're giving doctors a custom, easy and affordable tool that securely connects them to patients with the click of a button.

"Patients can't wait for their psychiatrists to offer online therapy," added Gilbert. "TeleMed Psychiatry cuts the hassle for them, too – no driving, no waiting rooms; it's all in the privacy and convenience of their home or closed-door office. Best of all, it's simple and intuitive. All it takes to get started is a webcam and broadband Internet access."

Video sessions eliminate all barriers to consistent, quality mental healthcare and they give patients access to top medical professionals regardless of where they live. "The idea that patients can simply log in, pick an appointment time, pay, and chat is very appealing to them," adds Gilbert, "especially for those in rural or remote areas where immediate access to quality care may be lacking."

TeleMed Psychiatry plans starting at just $179.95 per month.

TeleMed will soon launch online practice platforms tailored to other medical specialties, and will also make their products available in other countries and languages, the company said.