OLED TVs to start shipping by end of year

Joseph O'Halloran | 06-11-2012

As a flat panel technology, organic light-emitting diode has always offered greater potential than LCD, though with very high manufacturability costs, but the day of OLED TV may be here before too long, according to NPD DisplaySearch.
The analyst says that despite the enduring high price tags, OLED shipments will begin to increase if not ramp up, passing a million units by 2014.
Compared to the now almost diffuse LCD flat screens in major markets, OLED screens offer intrinsic performance advantages in terms of colour gamut, switching speed, viewing angle and power consumption. Because they do not need a backlight, OLEDs can therefore be packaged in a considerably thinner chassis.
According to the NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report, OLED TV panel makers and set manufacturers are still targeting commercialisation this year, predicting that at least 500 OLED TVs will ship in 2012. The analyst noted that following a number of demonstrations by leading OLED screen vendors such as Samsung and LG Electronics at CES in January 2012, commercial products were expected in time for the Olympics in August. However, mass production challenges and the aforementioned high retail price have delayed the launch.

These issues need to be addressed swiftly, the analyst argued given the fact that the LCD market is transitioning rapidly to larger screen sizes with very high resolution and offering relatively good value, attempting to mark a stake in the ground for the nascent 4K TV services that are beginning to be transited. Said David Hsieh, NPD Display Search vice president: “If we do see OLED TVs hitting the market within 2012, the shipments will be used primarily for retail demonstrations in developed regions like North America and Europe. 4K × 2K LCD TVs have has become a focus and are currently available, and OLED TV needs to demonstrate its technical superiority.”