Argentina opens way for digital TV on smartphones

Iñaki Ferreras | 06-11-2012

Argentina’s Ministry of Industry recently met with representatives of factories, brands, telecoms and home appliance chains to coordinate the launch in December of 100,000 smartphones capable of digital TV transmission.

Débora Giorgi, Minister of Industry, received the representatives of the companies with Juan Diaz, Secretary of Industry, Jorge Cannataro, Dipro director, Roberto Baratta, head of coordination and management control of federal planning, Ceferino Namuncurá, comptroller the National Communications Commission, and Emmanuel Jaffrot, from the Advisory Council for Digital Television.

The aim of the meeting was to coordinate the launch of the phones, which are expected to reach 400,000 in April. Giorgi emphasised the importance of spreading the AD service, commenting: “Access to the contents of the TDA is a state policy, which the executive has launched and with which companies must commit.”

Meanwhile, managers of Garbarino, Frávega, Teléfonica, Telecom and Clear pledged to introduce in the coming days their communication plans for the promotion of the mobile devices which will be produced in the Tierra del Fuego.